- The National Players Boycott of California Racing. A Call For Volunteers
December, 2010

We need volunteers.

We want the National Players' Boycott effort to truly be a grass roots thing. To that end, we are putting out a call for volunteers.

We could use help in the following areas:
  • Website Development - If you are proficient with html, and want to volunteer some of your time, please let us know.

  • Social Networking Guru - We are looking for someone to help us get a Facebook and/or Twitter page up and running.

  • Email Newsletter - We are looking for players to help us write, edit, and publish an email newsletter.

  • Getting the Word Out Player to Player - We are looking for players to help us get the word out to other players face to face.

  • Writing Articles and Blog Pieces - Think you can write? We are always seeking fresh material for articles and blog pieces. If you feel strongly about anything related to racing, write it up and send it in. We can't pay you (we are all players volunteering our own free time) but if it strikes a chord with other players, we will get it published.

If you think you can help with any of the above, or if you have a specialized skill set not listed above and want to volunteer some of your free time, please contact us at the following address:

playersboycott @ gmail . com

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